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For the student interested in the fine arts, the classes at Southern Arkansas University offer a broad variety of possible directions of study. Download the degree plan here.


For students in the Communication Design field, photojournalism, forensic photography or opening your own studio.


Color theory, acrylics, oils, water color and the smells of canvas and paper, that's the traditional studio experience. All students regardless of concentration are required to take one painting course, but for those who are interested in making painting their specific concentration advanced level classes are available.


Lithography, screen printing, woodcuts, lino, intaglio techniques for books, posters, and tshirts, the print department does it all.


For those interested in ceramics, students are immersed in beginning and advanced techniques.


Advanced Art studios in sculpture using everything from clay, to stone and metal.


All students regardless of concentration are required to take a minimum of two basic drawing classes as part of their foundations core, but for those interested in more advanced techniques upper level advanced art studios are available.

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