Game and Animation Animation Editing 3D prototypes Meshes Character Development Apps

and Animation DESIGN

For the student interested creating 3d and 2d animations, developing games for ALL platforms, and redefining the digital world, then this is the program for you. Download the degree plan here.


For students interested in a variety of animation techniques both 2d and 3d, as well as, analog and digital this is the place for you.

Final Project editing

For every project, there is an art lead, an editor and the creative director (just name a few). SAU teaches all aspects of the animation and game process.

3D Prototypes

For the designer interested in enviroment building and prototype creation.

Meshes and Physics

The process of creating 3D models from Concepts is just one of many aspects of the game and animation program.

Character Development

The process of creating characters and designing the physical attributes are an exciting avenue of study.


Students interested in making apps for mobile and online delivery are introduced to many of the cutting edge processes involved in making their images "GO". .

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