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Annually the art department invites guest artists from around the globe to present their work and offer their expert advice in their specific concentration..


Famous for his grunge posters in the 1980s and world renown.

Gary Baseman

Known for the game cranium as well as the disney animated series "Teacher's Pet".

Gary Baseman

Gary Baseman

Derek Yaniger

Known for his work for Marvel comics and for Nickelodeon, Derek visited in 2010

Derek Yaniger

Mark Mothersbaugh

The art of Devo star was on display in 2011 and he gave a skype presentation.

Mark MOthersbaugh

Are the Arts Necessary

Three renown designers, Timothy Goodman, Youngrhan Ryu and Chris Cortez spoke of thier experiences in the industyr of design, fashion and illustration.

Bill Plympton

Mr Plympton visited the campus in 2013 and showed his academy award, and cannes film festival nominated works.


Carole Katchen

Known for illustrating and writing over 50 books Ms katchen was on hand in April of 2013 to offer advice on promoting your work.

Carole Katchen

Nicole Duet

Exhibiting work in the gallery during April of 2013 was Nicole duet.

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