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MISSION and Goals

The Art and Design department works to provide students with tools to enhance their visual, analytical, and practical literacy. This enables them to work in the professional field or fields directly related to their specific concentration. Creative problem solving and effective practice are focused upon to assist in engaging students intellectually in the pursuit of socially productive avenues of visual expression. In all areas of study, the connection between process, research, and production advancing or promoting the interconnectedness of the visual arts, culture and scientific discovery is our primary directive.


1) Effective Communication: Students will be able to communicate orally, visually, and in written form to support a visual arts or design decision.
2) Personal \ Social Responsibility: Students must complete a service-learning objective, and are required to join a professional organization in conjunction with their concentration.
3) Critical Thinking: Problem Solving- Students are able to critically analyze visual design problems, synthesize information and create pieces with corresponding written or oral language to support their outcomes.
4) Content Knowledge: Students will use the tools and technology related to their specific concentration, and will acquire an informed voice as it pertains to art history.
5) Information Literacy: Practical and Theoretical Knowledge-Students will employ traditional art techniques and the technological knowledge necessary to work in their concentration. Students will acquire the knowledge, skills and disposition required to make the transition to the professional art environment.

Student Requirements

IN support of educational objectives students in Art and Design must: • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in Art and design courses (note #1-5 above) • complete a service learning objective donating service, time, or artworks to a non profit or not for profit organization ( note #2 above) • have proof of acceptance into at least one regional or national arts competition (note #5, #4 and #1 from previous screen)

Capstone requirements

All Students Must
regardless of concentration must pass capstone in order to graduate. Part of the class is a portfolio review and exhibition. Plus the ability to defend your concentrated area of study as part of the final faculty review process.

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