Department of Art and Design
Doug Waterfield, M.F.A., chair

The art major at SAU works toward exploring the artistic process of expression in a
variety of contexts – historical, philosophical, and personal. As an art major, students
develop their creative talents to the fullest while preparing for an art-related career or
advanced graduate studies. Degrees conferred are the bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.)
degree with an emphasis in either studio art or graphic design. The primary goal of the
B.F.A. program is to prepare students for careers in the professional field.
Various art scholarships are awarded each year to deserving incoming students as well as
returning students. These are awarded primarily on the basis of excellent art
performance as demonstrated through portfolio reviews, overall classroom proficiency,
and art faculty recommendations. Students wishing information concerning these
opportunities should contact the Office of Financial Aid or the Department of Art and
Design. Students’ thoughts and observations are expressed through challenges that emphasize a
broad scope of two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques, media, and concepts.
The Department of Art and Design maintains an active art gallery with approximately
1,600 square feet of exhibition space. Works by artists of national and international
reputation, faculty and student works, and cultural artifacts are shown.

Students will work toward a creative examination of both real and imagined worlds.
General Education - 43 hours

Art Core Curriculum - 49 hours
ART 1013 Drawing I
ART 1023 Three-Dimensional Design
ART 1043 Two-Dimensional Design
ART 1113 Drawing II
ART 2023 Printmaking
ART 2063 Ceramics I
ART 2103 Painting I
ART 2123 Digital Image Making
ART 2133 Basic Digital Photography
ART 3023 Art History I
ART 3123 Art History II
ART 3363 Advanced Digital Photography
ART 4033 History of Modern Art
ART 4063 Art History Seminar I
ART 4013 Special Topics I*
ART 4113 Special Topics II
ART 4134 Senior Capstone Review

*If your emphasis is studio, you must take ART 4013 Special Topics I.
Emphasis in Studio Art (B.F.A.) - 127 hours

BFA in Graphic Design Requirements