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For the student interested in the web, motion or print design, the classes at Southern Arkansas University offer a broad variety of possible directions of study. Corporate ID, Advertising, Type Design, Magazine Publishing and Book design are just a few of those options. Download the degree plan here.


For students in the Communication Design field, photojournalism, forensic photography or opening your own studio.

WEB Design

Mobile Apps, HTML 5, javascript and jQuery may sound intimidating for art students, but don't be dismayed...Art is art and the user interface experience is one of many aesthetic approaches that the department explores. Need a look at more web student work? Use this as a link.

Corporate ID

For those art students interested in creating logos, stationery, corporate collateral, and unified identity systems, this is one of many areas of study within the Communication design concentration.


The art of creating symbols and defining the creation of typeforms from the time of cuneiform to the digital creations used today are studied. Students have the opportunity to work on a broad variety of client and experimental based projects.

Graphic NoOvels and Illustration

Students are required to take one illustration course but for those wishing to explore the art of illustration there are advanced level classes available.

Motion Design

Students interested in careers in the video entertainement industrty are introduced to animation techniques used by the professionals.

Package design

Pursuing careers in packaging requires students to understand behavioral traits of consumers and sustainable practice.

Magazine Layout and Advertising

Pursuing careers in communication design areas such as magazine layout, advertising, brochures, catalogs, book design, or any other graphic design area requires students to be educated in professional Layout and Production practices.

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